Take Back Control: Mitigating Disruptive Forces in Dealership Operations

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In the past year alone, there has been a substantial amount of disruption across the dealership ecosystem. Conventional models for doing business have been displaced.

Employees and consumers alike have been disrupted, changing how they work and engage with dealerships, and each other. New online entrants that don’t play by the same rules, evolving OEM requirements and emerging cybersecurity threats continue to impact the dealership business. Unprecedented market conditions, such as vehicle inventory shortages, have led to increased uncertainty. Everything from the sale of a vehicle to how service is done requires a substantial amount of agility. Meanwhile, current processes and technologies limit dealers’ ability to keep up with the pace of change.

Understandably, dealers feel as if they are losing control as a result of outside forces. To overcome these challenges, dealers must become more flexible and efficient while improving their digital security to drive productivity and growth. They must also find ways to create better employee experiences and engagement – all of which leads to improved consumer satisfaction and, ultimately, profits.