Tommy Struchen

Service Manager
Mack Grubbs Hyundai

As a Service Manager at Mack Grubbs Hyundai, Tommy Struchen and his team service about 450 vehicles a month. To move all these cars through the dealership efficiently, he needed to streamline communications between dealership employees as well as with customers.

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That is where VUE DMS comes in.

VUE enables a seamless exchange of information exchange between the parts and services departments, which minimizes frustration and maximizes productivity. Because employees can manage repair orders and save information within the system, technicians and advisors can properly plan their day, and get customers in and out faster. The service team can provide vehicle updates and quotes to customers directly through the DMS, which means better customer experience and satisfaction. Because VUE can be accessed anywhere there’s internet, Tommy can manage the Service department and help his team, even when he is off-site.

I always had a vision for how I wanted to run my department, but lacked the right tools. Thanks to VUE, I can create the right processes while providing my team with the resources they need to execute.

The support from Dominion DMS has been awesome. Everyone who came out to help us, even after they left the dealership, was super helpful. They didn’t even bat an eye whenever we needed something. Everyone is great.

Accessible Anywhere

When Tommy had a family member in the hospital for two weeks, he needed to be there and take care of them. During that time, the Service team had a staffing shortage due to COVID. Because VUE is easy to access on a web browser without VPN, he was able to log into the system and help with repair orders directly from the hospital. Due to VUE’s mobile capabilities, he was able to be with his family while helping his team remotely.

I had to be there for my family, but I had more sense of peace knowing that I could still help my team.

I’ve been trying to streamline these processes for a long time, but VUE has made it easier. The improved communications enable us to take care of customers faster, getting them in and out quickly.

Higher Productivity

Exchanging information between departments is critical but walking back and forth from the service lane to other areas of the dealership means wasted time. With VUE, the Service team can communicate immediately with other employees within the DMS. Technicians can take notes and send them to their advisors, so there is no miscommunication about the repair orders. When advisors inspect vehicles, technicians can see what tickets are assigned to them and appropriately plan for it in real time.

Increased Efficiency

Since VUE was implemented, Tommy has increased his dealership’s efficiency. For example, the parts counter person can see what parts they need to order within the DMS, without waiting for the technician or advisor to notify them. This has streamlined the process and increased the speed of parts being ordered and delivered, which ensures the inventory is always properly stocked.

With VUE, we can put service notes and parts requests through the system without having to walk between the longest part of the shop.

Being able to directly contact customers with the system has made a huge impact. I’ve had customers say they appreciate the fast response.

Better Customer Service

The efficiency enabled by VUE opened the door for Tommy’s team to work on more cars while delivering excellent customer service. In particular, the ability to communicate with customers within the DMS allows them to easily update customers on their vehicle status and email cost estimates for parts, all without having to tie up the phone lines. Being able to stock the desired parts or accurately communicate the expected time-frame upfront has also resulted in better customer experience.

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