Templar Arthur

Parts Manager
Mack Grubbs Hyundai

As the Parts Manager at Mack Grubbs Hyundai, Templar Arthur generates about 25% of revenue for the dealership. While he is averaging $8,000-$12,000 a month, Templar’s goal is to increase that by 10% over the previous month. To grow the parts business and help the dealership be more profitable, he needs a modern DMS to improve efficiency and collaboration.

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The switch to VUE DMS could not have come at a better time.

Since Templar is the only person managing the parts department, he has to support both the customer-facing shop and the dealership’s service team. VUE enables him to efficiently accomplish both by making it easy to manage inventory, collaborate with other departments and quickly respond to customer needs.

Through the Parts Module, Templar can track all of the parts in inventory, make quotes, create invoices or special orders, generate parts orders, or bill parts to repair orders through the Back Counter directly from the Parts Desk. When a technician needs a part, it automatically shows up in the Parts Request Counter where Templar can digitally fulfill it. VUE’s team chat functionality enables fast responses between Templar and his service advisors and technicians – which speeds up collaboration and cuts down on miscommunication.

With everything stored directly in the DMS, Templar no longer has to print and maintain paperwork. All of these modern features allow him to better focus on his job instead of the logistics.

I’m running in many different directions, but when I need something, I can contact someone from VUE or go into the DMS itself. Each time I was able to get help with what I needed. The support has been active and good for me.”

I love VUE. I would recommend it. It works tremendously well in a small volume shop like this. Imagine what it could do in a large volume shop with multiple people to where the chaos can be controlled a lot better. It’s controlling a lot right here, and things are starting to flow a lot smoother.

Building Customer Trust

Part of Templar’s plan to increase profits includes gaining the loyalty of newer customers as well as winning back the trust of inactive ones. There were customers that didn’t conduct much business with the parts department due to timeliness issues in the past. With VUE’s simplicity, he can be on the phone and look through his inventory to quickly get what they need. By increasing his efficiency, Templar has been able to gain back those customers’ trust along with their business.

With VUE, I have more firepower to get business in the door and keep them. We live in a world where people buy from people. When you get something to customers in the timeframe that they’re looking for, you’ll be their go-to person.

I have worked with inventory for 32 years, and VUE has been effective in helping me control inventory a lot better. When a part is requested, I know where it is, how many I have left and how quickly I can get it to the customer. It’s helped me be better at my job.

Managing Parts Inventory

Templar can track his inventory, create invoices or special orders, generate parts orders, and bill parts to ROs – all of which are saved directly in VUE DMS. These features enable him to pinpoint a part, drill down into its details and see how many were sold. This allows Templar to effectively manage his inventory and quickly get the desired parts to customers or technicians.

Better User Experience

A key advantage of VUE is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. At the click of a button, Templar can go from one screen to another to finish his tasks. He has more information readily available when he needs it, something that previous systems didn’t allow for. The reporting function helps Templar manage his inventory, and he no longer has to print out paperwork since everything is stored in the DMS. This efficiency enables him to better support the shop and the service teams.

VUE increased my ability to perform to my full capacity by offering more options that I could not do with the old system.

VUE helps me get technicians and service advisors what they need quickly, so we can speed up the process of getting customers in and out.

Improving Team Collaboration

As the only one running the parts department, Templar is the go-to person for the service team when they need parts and accessories. That means efficient collaboration is critical for the success of both teams. VUE’s two-way internal chat system allows Templar to communicate with the service manager, advisors and technicians without anyone leaving their workstations. Technicians can ask for parts through VUE’s Parts Request Roster, where they can digitally fulfill their requests. The improved workflows between team members allow the dealership to service more vehicles throughout the day, which results in higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

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