Wright Griffis & Alain Kabore

Parts & Service Director and Parts Manager
Griffis Motors

Wright Griffis, Parts and Service Director, and Alain Kabore, Parts Manager, are committed to providing the best service for their customers. To do that, they needed to develop a modern process with the most advanced security, flexibility and efficiency.

That’s why their dealership turned to VUE DMS.

As the first Chrysler dealer to use this system, Griffis Motors chose VUE for its accessibility, flexibility and digital enhancements that make for a better customer experience.

VUE helps Wright and Alain impress their customers with a seamless, efficient process. With a cloud-native DMS, they moved to a paperless platform with team members now using tablets to access the system. This shift allows service advisors to spend more time in the drive with technicians and customers, and less time at their desks. The ability to save notes and attachments directly in the RO means they can easily pull up the information without wasting time looking for it. The two-way chat results in more efficient internal communications that allow for greater accountability and transparency. With everything available on one screen, VUE makes their job easier so they can focus on delivering excellent service that keeps customers coming back.

VUE is a great tool. I love it. You can’t beat it. It’s one of the best systems out there.

VUE provides the ‘wow’ factor to our customers.

VUE DMS Is Accessible Anywhere

In the midst of the global pandemic, two employees in the main office had to quarantine at home. Because VUE offers the mobility that allows users to access it wherever there’s internet or hotspot, they were able to work remotely without any problems.

A key difference with VUE is being able to easily access it anywhere. If I’m out of the office and have to get involved, I can still log in and look at everything remotely from a tablet. In previous DMS, I couldn’t access it outside of the office.

It’s a hassle to find space for files. Now that we don’t need that anymore, I can shred those old documents and just have everything stored in VUE digitally. It’s easier to go back and pull them up as well.

A Paperless Process

As a cloud-native system built on Microsoft Azure, VUE allows the dealership to shift towards more digital-driven processes. Wright and Alain no longer print repair orders and lengthy contracts now that everyone’s working on tablets, so they see cost savings from buying paper and printing materials. Since documents are now stored digitally in the DMS, they can eliminate the physical files that once took up so much space. Adopting this paperless process also means higher security, since it reduces the risks of documents with confidential information getting into the wrong hands.

Better Collaboration

Since VUE was implemented, the dealership has seen improved teamwork and collaboration. The chat feature lets employees communicate with each other, while making requests without having to leave their workstation. Because VUE stores all messages, it’s easy to refer back for historical context, allowing for accountability and transparency.

The messaging system lets us quickly chat with each other and refer back to it. It keeps everyone accountable because everyone can see the communications. It helps us work together as a team.

With VUE, I can create or upload an RO before the customer gets here. It’s a lot easier to do this here than our previous DMS.

Higher Efficiency

VUE helps the dealership focus on customer satisfaction. Repair orders are easily created or uploaded into the system before the customer even gets to the dealership. Customer communications and related notes are all saved in the RO so it can be quickly pulled up. They can menu sell right from the tablet and satisfy the transparency today’s customer expects. All of this efficiency means service advisors can spend more time in the drive with customers, and less time at the desk.

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