Seth Wooten

Service Manager
Brad Howell Ford

As the Service Manager at Brad Howell Ford, Seth Wooten and 17 employees service about 600-800 cars a month. The environment is fast-paced, and maintaining high customer satisfaction is critical to retention. Planning for the unexpected, minimizing disruption, and constantly communicating with customers are essential to achieving those goals.

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That is where VUE DMS comes in.

The cloud-native dealer management system is easy to use, so Seth can quickly get the information he needs to optimize productivity. Being able to communicate with his staff and customers directly through the DMS has allowed for greater efficiency. Since everything is saved in the repair order, Seth can check historical records to anticipate additional service requests. Besides the modern technology, the quality of support from VUE DMS helps him keep up with high demands, so he can focus on driving productivity and profits.

Everything is quickly accessible in VUE DMS. The service department is very fast-paced and high stress, so ease of access to different forms of reports helps us streamline the day.

I like the dashboard in VUE DMS; everything is right there. You can see how many ROs are open or closed, parts and service requests, etc. Everything is just a click away from the dashboard.

Streamline Workflows

The service department gets pulled in many different directions. They get calls for service and parts at any given time. If a repair job takes longer than expected, it backs up the schedule for the remainder of the day or even the next day. Having a DMS that’s easy to use, with all essential information quickly accessible, helps streamline workflows. With everything only a click away, Seth can quickly pull different reports or provide customers with updates while on the phone. With all relevant information saved in the repair order, he can check historical records and anticipate maintenance needs.

VUE DMS helps us plan better. If a customer calls in for an oil change and later wants a tire rotation as well, we can look at the maintenance sheet while on the phone. We can plan for that rather than being blindsided when the customer comes in.

I like being able to text customers through VUE DMS. Everything is written down, so that helps our process. That makes a huge difference at the end of the day.

Improve Customer Experience

Brad Howell Ford takes pride in treating customers like family. The ability to text message customers in VUE DMS helps Seth provide that personalized experience. When a customer requests an oil change, Seth receives a text message to his phone once the service advisor writes the vehicle up. If his team gets busy and hasn’t reached out to the customer in a certain amount of time, VUE DMS automatically sends a text letting the customer know their vehicle is being worked on and that a dealership staff will be in contact shortly.

Better Collaboration

A key benefit of using a modern DMS is the efficiency gains resulting from improved collaboration between team members. Seth and his team leverage VUE’s internal chat feature to communicate with each other and the parts department directly from their workstations. Chat leads to faster updates and greater efficiency, reducing time wasters and taking care of customers quicker.

We’re using VUE’s internal chat instead of taking service advisors away from the podium to talk with the parts department. Now we don’t have to leave phones unattended.

“The best thing that comes with VUE DMS is the customer support. It is the most outstanding I’ve seen with any company. I’ve heard horror stories about other DMS vendors where you have a 2-3 day wait or not even get a callback. I can call VUE an hour before they’re even open and get a call back in 10 minutes. Not only do you call in and get a quick response, but several times they sent team members out to help. That’s outstanding.”

Outstanding Client Support

VUE DMS client services team recognizes that dealerships need a true partner, not just a software vendor. That’s why when Seth calls in at 7 am, which is outside regular business hours, he gets a call back within 10 minutes. The responsiveness is critical to ensuring dealership staff can focus on their job instead of waiting on a customer service hotline.

Partner with a Dealer-Focused DMS

Take a peek at the VUE DMS service module to see how you can maximize the performance and profit of your service department.