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Leveraging our decades of experience serving dealerships, VUE DMS is the only cloud-native DMS built on Microsoft Azure. The new system’s inherent digital security, flexibility and efficiency enables you to drive business continuity and maximize profits. 

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Unleash a comprehensive view of your dealership’s financial performance so you can make the best decisions in real time. Save time and gain efficiency by quickly organizing your records to streamline your dealership’s reconciliations.


Give your technicians tools that maximize their productivity by preventing costly disruptions when requesting parts. Eliminate wasted time by helping technicians and advisors communicate directly from their workstation.

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Never lose an opportunity by generating multiple scenarios on a single sales desk and provide your shoppers with more quote options based on their preferences – all from the same desk. Increase your sales and client satisfaction by quickly converting a quote into a deal.


Streamline safe interactions between your service advisors and customers by helping them communicate through text directly from the repair order. Drive better customer satisfaction by limiting their time in the dealership with virtual payments that help them “skip the cashier” line when claiming their vehicle.
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In addition to a DMS, third party applications help you more effectively run your dealership. VUE DMS is designed to integrate with vendor solutions best suited for your needs. You can easily connect with specific software for bi-directional communications, enabling a seamless and secure exchange of data across the enterprise. We offer three main types of integrations:


Our partner portal is STAR standard and supports the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.

Motive Retail’s MIX integration platform

VUE DMS partners with Motive Retail to provide a cost-effective, simple and secure path to VUE via Motive Integrator eXchange (MIX). Their industry APIs enable a fast, easy one-to-many DMS integration path for third parties.

Custom integration

VUE is open and easy to integrate with. We believe that your data is yours to share with whomever you want, and integrations are meant to help you be more efficient and competitive to drive more profits. Therefore, we do not restrict data flow in or out of the DMS.

Take Back Control with VUE DMS

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