Modernize Your Dealership With Digital Transformation

Whether we like it or not, change happens. As a retail auto executive, you are always looking for the next big change, the next big disruptor. This time, however, disruption came unexpectedly with the rise of the COVID-19 virus.

The pandemic’s impact on our industry was not just disruptive but shocking. In short, it has been a rocky ride.

Fortunately, developed and proven technology was already waiting in the wings, ready to take on this new challenge. The technology is commonly referred to as the cloud, a metaphor used to describe the internet. Best of all, it is a solution consumers have desired for a long time.

In this guide, you will learn more about the benefits of digital transformation and how it can help you modernize your dealership. We hope this content will help your business adapt and thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

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What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of technology and resources to create seamless experiences for the business and customers. For car dealerships, this means less friction and higher profitability. 

Dealerships that adopt digital transformation successfully:

Why Digital Transformation?

What does migrating to a digital platform mean for your business?

As a computing services platform, the cloud enables businesses to build and scale quickly, while empowering their customers to do more. That’s why, for instance, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Microsoft established a cloud-based strategic partnership to transform health care delivery. Thanks to the cloud, these two companies will make health care delivery more personal, affordable and accessible for people around the world.

Today’s businesses are turning to the cloud in greater numbers. Shopping giant Coles is migrating to cloud computing to enhance customer experience and improve business productivity. Chevron’s IT workforce is committed to the cloud, enabling key company resources to evolve from supporting infrastructure projects to custom development. Solution providers, such as AT&T, are also moving to cloud services to get required scale and agility and to reach a larger set of the population.

It is easy to understand why the cloud is a popular destination. Here are some more specific reasons why digital transformation may be beneficial to your dealership.

Security From Cyberatacks

The cloud is considered a much safer place to store your data than on an on-premise server. The cloud is homogeneous and always runs on the same—and latest—version. As a virtual environment, the cloud provides servers as needed, making security more effective. Plus, everything in the cloud is monitored and threats can be quickly identified. Because responses are automatically made, human interaction is not needed.

Being Secure

The world of business can be a dangerous place for your company’s data: cyberattacks and ransom attacks; natural disasters; and employee turnover.

The simplest way to reduce data risk is to create an electronic filing cabinet that eliminates paper documents. Your electronic system becomes your single source of truth. In the cloud, there’s data redundancy and all of it is backed up.

Security patches happen automatically in the cloud, and you get access to the newest software as they are released. System development that used to take months or years can happen in weeks and be automatically implemented.

High turnover is an industry-wide problem. Customize employee access to your data via permissions. Give them access to exactly what they need. In the cloud, you can manage permissions with remote access and can immediately remove an employee from your system.

Examples of Dealership Security After Going Digital

Electronic Filing Cabinet
Paperless processes
Single source of truth

System Updates
Immediate security patches
Latest malware protection
Happens in background

Employee Permissions
Remotely add/remove users
Customize access to sensitive information

Flexibility To Facilitate A Differentiated Customer Experience

Customers and employees are more mobile than ever. Today, they can access your information from their phone and car, not just from their home. At each customer touchpoint, the experience must be useful, relevant, and convenient. The cloud gives you a single stitched view, enabling your dealership to deliver a better customer experience.

Being Flexible

Although security enhancements happen in the background, flexibility changes affect customers and employees more directly. With the cloud, test drives can be scheduled remotely. Consumers want to do business with a dealership in the same way they remotely order coffee from Starbucks or a ride from Uber.

With data accessible via a digital platform, dealers can manage multiple locations or stores remotely, without having to travel or access data through a clunky VPN connection.

Examples of Dealership Flexibility After Going Digital

At-Home Service Concierge
Car service at the customer’s convenience

Offsite Management
Oversee multiple stores from anywhere at anytime

Remote Employees
Telecommuting to enhance work/life balance

Adaptable Technology
Browser agnostic on multiple devices
Inherently secure, no VPN required

Efficiency That Reduces Friction For Consumers & Employees

Running your infrastructure on-demand creates operational efficiencies while reducing friction between employees and customers. Five to six years ago, you had to hire data scientists to get intelligence on fraud detection. With digital transformation, you can acquire this intelligence on any data set.

Being Efficient

A key benefit of going digital is the elimination of time wasters. For instance, a service technician will no longer need to walk back and forth to a parts manager or to the service advisor to get answers. They can chat or text internally; these modes of instant communication are also favored by customers.

Another advantage of a digital platform is a lower learning curve. Because its apps are intuitive and similar to other consumer apps, it is easier to onboard less experienced employees.

Examples of Dealership Efficiency After Going Digital

Streamlined Communications
Eliminate time wasters
Collaborate from the workstation
Faster response time
More convenient buying process

Faster Adoption
Intuitive user experience
Low learning curve

Convenient Transactions
Secure, virtual payments
Provide pricing for different payment options


VUE DMS & Microsoft Azure

Native cloud applications avoid disruptions in service

“Cloud-native” is building and running applications completely in the cloud – no on-premise infrastructure required. With 25+ years serving dealers, VUE DMS is a dealer-focused, Microsoft-based and cloud-native solution.

Benefits of transforming to a digital platform:


Built on Microsoft Azure, which is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies


No disruptions in service or downtime


Security updates and patching are implemented regularly and in real-time


System records and transmits data between departments, reducing the need for handwritten paper notes that can lead to security risks


Single source of truth enables better user experience and maximizes resources


Accessible whenever there’s internet


All data is backed up in the cloud


Outside forces are causing disruption. Modernize your dealership through digital transformation by:

  • Adopt cloud-native solutions.
  • Leverage this ecosystem to enhance security, flexibility and efficiency.
  • Eliminate friction points to deliver a better experience.