Why Quality of Customer Service for Your DMS is Key to Dealership Success


It is no surprise that in our recent Dealer DMS Sentiment study, dealers cited quality of support in the top 3 reasons why they selected their current DMS (security and features round out the other two criteria). But interestingly, when we asked these same dealers about some of their DMS’s most significant limitations, quality of support was also a top contender.

So what does this tell us?

Your DMS provider’s quality of customer service is a key contributor to your system’s success and dealership operations. For dealers, a great car-buying experience for your customers starts with highly engaged employees, supported by a modern DMS.

Here are some examples of how poor DMS customer service can create issues for your team:

  • Lack of training increases frustration and slows learning, which can mean a longer adoption time.
  • If your staff isn’t adequately trained to quickly schedule a service appointment on the DMS, you risk having customers wait longer or miss them altogether if they don’t get a call as soon as possible.
  • If your accounting department has issues notifying customers of their receivable balance, they need help right at that time, not the following day.

The best way to help the dealerships we serve and create success for all involved is to provide a high level of support continually. We have emphasized the importance of exceptional customer service since the inception of VUE DMS. Our Customer Service team is 100% dedicated to ensuring dealer success. We are honored that our clients feel they have a true partner in our team. Here is what they said about working with us:

  • Tommy Struchen, Service Manager at Mack Grubbs Hyundai
    Tommy Struchen, Service Manager
    “The support from VUE DMS has been awesome. Everyone who came out to help us, even after they left the dealership, was super helpful. They didn’t even bat an eye whenever we needed something. Everyone is great.”
  • Templar Arthur, Parts Manager at Mack Grubbs Hyundai
    Templar Arthur, Parts Manager
    “During implementation, I got two VUE representatives who were really great at training. I thought learning a DMS would be tough, but they were very helpful.”
  • David Lawrence, General Manager at Premier Toyota
    “I appreciate that the company takes my feedback on what I wish to see and actually works on it – not just toss it aside.”
  • Baxter Howell, General Manager at Brad Howell Ford
    Baxter Howell, General Manager
    “The most important part is our partnership with VUE DMS. If I call somebody, they answer. I get to talk to a person, not a call center. Those things are super important in making a DMS decision. I want someone I can work directly with. I want the support to be instant and VUE is very good at that.”

At VUE DMS, our mission is to redefine partner with every interaction. Our Customer Service team goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our dealers optimize productivity daily. If you are interested in an easy-to-use DMS backed by decades of experience and exceptional customer service, give us a call or schedule a demo. We would love to show you how a good customer experience starts with a great employee experience enabled by a modern DMS.


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