VUE DMS Study Reveals Shifts Towards Cloud-Native Dealer Management Systems


Automotive dealers indicate criteria for selecting DMS, prefer Microsoft-based cloud solutions

Norfolk, Va. – June 3, 2021 –Dominion VUE DMS, a cloud-native solution providing dealers the confidence to break free with digital security, flexibility and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market, releases results of its 2021 DMS Dealer Sentiment Survey. The commissioned independent study surveyed 220 DMS decision makers from dealerships to determine attitudes toward their current dealer management system (DMS).

“Selecting a DMS is one of the most important decisions for a dealership. Choosing the right one is the first step for dealers to break free from outdated processes and take back control,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. “This study indicates DMS choices are trending towards secure, cloud-native solutions with modern features, all backed by superior support. Providers that can offer those benefits will have an advantage as dealers demand more flexible, responsive systems that deliver a better experience for their employees and customers.”

Survey participants include dealers, chief financial officers, general managers, controllers and fixed operation managers from large and small dealerships across the US. Key findings indicate that:

  • Microsoft is the preferred software provider over Google, IBM, Amazon or Apple
  • Security, features and support were dealers’ reasons for selecting current DMS
  • Dealers unsatisfied with ease of use, price and support of their current DMS
  • Features and security are among the top reasons for switching DMS
  • Most dealers prefer a cloud solution for security advantages

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Dominion DMS’ new cloud-native dealer management system solution, VUE, gives US-based retail automotive dealers the digital security, flexibility and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market. Built on Microsoft Azure Cloud and decades of experience serving dealerships, Dominion VUE enables dealers to deliver a superior buying experience, reduce costs and protect their business. Learn more at

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By choosing a cutting-edge cloud-native DMS that keeps their data secure, his team can maximize productivity and communication throughout the different departments.

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