VUE DMS Announces Integration with Mazda


Microsoft-based, cloud-native DMS enables participating Mazda dealers to achieve security, flexibility and efficiency

Dominion DMS, a pioneer of Microsoft-based dealer management systems including the cloud-native VUE DMS, announces its new integration with Mazda. The integration ensures parts, service, sales and inventory data are automatically transmitted, making it easier for dealers to comply with OEM requirements.

“We are excited to expand VUE DMS to participating Mazda dealerships across the US,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. “By leveraging VUE’s cloud-native capabilities, Mazda dealers can achieve the digital security, flexibility and efficiency they need to take back control of their dealership.”

This integration brings VUE DMS one step closer to serving the entire US franchise dealer market with the only cloud-native DMS built on Microsoft Azure. Leveraging the company’s decades of experience serving dealerships, VUE DMS streamlines communications between VUE, Mazda and their other integrations downstream. This integration enables accurate data transmission on a daily basis between the dealership and Mazda.

“Dealership operations have many moving parts, so it’s essential to have a DMS solution that works the way we do with all aspects connected to each other,” said Patti Powell, Dealer Principal at Stuart Powell. “The cloud-native VUE DMS has allowed our team to improve productivity and efficiency, which naturally leads to better service for customers.”

VUE DMS will continue to support its long-standing partnership with Mazda by adding integrations as they become available.

About Dominion DMS:

Dominion DMS is a pioneer in Microsoft-based dealer management systems with decades of experience partnering with franchise dealerships to deliver a superior experience, reduce costs and protect their business. Our cloud-native VUE DMS offers digital security, flexibility and efficiency to help dealers meet today’s rapidly-changing market. Learn more at

About Dominion Dealer Solutions:

Dominion Dealer Solutions prides itself on providing the automotive industry’s most innovative technology. Products include the new cloud-native dealer management system solution offering modern digital security, flexibility and efficiency (VUE DMS), inventory management and merchandising (Dealer Specialties) and vehicle data solutions (DataOne), vehicle registration reporting (Cross-Sell), and AI-powered Customer intel platform for sales and service, (Activator Dealer Solutions). Every OEM and more than 6,000 dealer partners depend on Dominion’s foundation of innovation, integrity, excellence and teamwork to deliver outstanding results. For more information, visit our website, like us on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, or follow us on Twitter.

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By choosing a cutting-edge cloud-native DMS that keeps their data secure, his team can maximize productivity and communication throughout the different departments.

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