Dominion DMS Celebrates Women Making History in Automotive Retail


For Women’s History Month, initiative spotlights women who advanced the industry and continues to shape its future 

VUE DMS, a cloud-native solution providing dealers the confidence to break free with digital mobility, security and efficiency to meet today’s rapidly changing market, announces that it will celebrate Women’s History Month by spotlighting the women who have contributed to the advancement and progress of automotive retail over the past 30 years. Through blogs and social campaigns, the company will feature Women Making History in Automotive Retail throughout the month of March.

“The automotive retail industry is an innovative space thanks to everyone’s contributions, including women. It’s important to recognize their achievements because one person’s success pushes all of us forward,” said Dominion DMS President Sharon Kitzman. “When I started in the industry, there weren’t many women. Today, we see many talented women holding leadership positions – several of whom are right here in our own company and the partners we work with. We are proud to have their experience and guidance as we grow the market for VUE DMS.”

Launched earlier this year during NADA 2021, VUE DMS is the first cloud-native DMS built on Microsoft Azure. It provides the digital security, mobility and efficiency that is helping to change how dealers operate, opening new possibilities of working outside the dealership. This flexibility accommodates last-minute schedule changes or family emergencies, without limiting productivity and career ambitions. For example, VUE is accessible on a desktop or mobile device without VPN, so users can continue working remotely wherever there’s internet or hotspot.

“Technology has a role in leveling the playing field for women,” said Kitzman. “As a modern DMS solution, VUE is designed for complex dealership operations as well as different life demands. Whether you need greater work-life balance or higher efficiency to complete the job on time before a family commitment, VUE offers the flexibility to help make those needs a reality.”

The COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted working women, which had an economic impact of $341 billion, according to Forbes. By leveraging technologies such as VUE that adjusts to how and where work is done, women can continue to succeed in every area of their life.

The Women Making History in Automotive Retail will feature Motive Retail Cofounder and Principal Kim Campassi, Kruse Control CEO Kathi Kruse, Mack Grubbs Hyundai Comptroller Terri Parker, Griffis Motors Business Manager Jennifer Settlemires and Dominion DMS leaders including President Sharon Kitzman, OEM Relationships Director Arlene Clements, OEM Relationships Director Dawn Spitler and DMS Client Services Director Meg Martino.

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