About Dominion DMS

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Dominion DMS, part of Dominion Dealer Solutions, gives US-based retail automotive dealers the modern solutions to conquer their toughest challenges and meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing market. With decades of experience serving franchise dealerships across the country, our team has an in-depth understanding of the complexities that dealers face every day. That’s why we created VUE DMS, the first cloud-native dealer management system built on Microsoft Azure. Designed to help dealers break free from outdated processes and future proof their business, VUE offers the security, mobility and efficiency enabling clients to maximize productivity and profits across their enterprise.

Designed for today. Built for the future. Founded on decades of experience.

Our Mission

To partner with automotive dealers in an ever-evolving landscape, offering modern solutions that deliver a superior consumer experience to drive loyalty and profitable growth.

Experienced Team of Automotive Industry Leaders

Our leadership team brings a combined 140 years of automotive industry experience. We come from every aspect of the industry, including from the service lane to the front office. This means we know first-hand the challenges that make dealership operations one of the most complex businesses. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the dealer-focused DMS.


  • 1992: Automotive Computer Services (ACS) established; pioneered Windows-based DMS.
  • 2006: Dominion Enterprises established.
  • 2007: ACS ACCESS DMS rated #1 in NADA DMS Survey.
  • 2011: Dominion Dealer Solutions (DDS) established; acquired ACS and its ACCESS DMS.
  • 2012: DDS established strategic partnership with Microsoft.
  • 2016: DDS began development of VUE DMS solution.
  • 2018: VUE pilots on first dealership.
  • 2019: Sharon Kitzman joined DDS as Senior Vice President.
  • 2020: DDS established Dominion DMS business; Sharon Kitzman named President. VUE DMS solution partnered with Motive Retail for third-party integrations; integrated with Toyota, Hyundai and Genesis.
  • 2021: VUE DMS solution officially launched at NADA 2021; integrated with Kia Motors.

A Culture of Continuous Innovation

At Dominion DMS, we believe in a partnership driven by compassion and continuous innovation to help dealerships boldly take on the future. We pioneered the Windows-based DMS 30 years ago. Today, we offer the first and only fully-integrated cloud-native DMS to be built on Microsoft Azure.

We take an outside-in approach to product development by working closely with dealerships to understand their needs. We also look at short- and long-term demands to anticipate consumer- or market-driven expectations. By providing modern solutions that continuously evolve with the ever-changing landscape, we enable our clients to successfully manage their dealerships today and into tomorrow.

Strong Automotive Partnerships

Our deep partnerships with OEMs, integrators and other software providers allow dealerships to maximize the value of our cloud-native DMS. By collaborating with strong partners, such as Microsoft, we offer dealers more choices in how they run their business.